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Freightliner FLB COE v2.0.7
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Freightliner FLB COE v2.0.7

Freightliner FLB V2.0.7 edited by Mootill, Harven, & Lucasi

Mootill's changes:
--== v2.0.7 (ATS / ETS2 1.35) ==--
Fixed incompatible image error on mudflap icons (resized to 256x64)
Added period correct apportioned plates
Reduced filesize of mod from 521mb to 133mb!
Included updated template

DLC Support
Valentine's Day DLC's "True Heart" steering wheel support
Steering Creations Pack support
Dragon Pack Design Pack's "Dragon Flame" steering wheel support

Also has trailer cables.
2 cabin options (1 with window in passenger door, 1 without)
Several chassis configurations
Many tuning options

Truck: Harven, Solaris36, Sliipais, SCS Software, odd_fellow, ventyres, vitalik062, Mootill (v2.0.7 edit)
Skins: Lucasi, Pauly, Harven's Wife.

Interior stuff by: SiSL & JeyJey.
Sounds by the Great Kriechbaum and odd_fellow.

  • Sandy
    2019-07-22 03:36
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    Wut.. how the hell did you reduced the size to 133mb?? did you modify the model files? because i achieved a size of about 390 mb. Less than that is impossible unless you modify the model files. Textures should never EVER be smaller than 1024x1024. Sorry but i will pass :p i was just curious about how the hell did you achieve 133 mb. Because thats impossible.
    • Mootill
      2019-07-22 03:50 Send message
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      Not impossible at all!It's called "archive compression". Instructed WinZip to archive everything EXCEPT the sound folder using it's normal compression method.Then, I added the sound folder to that archive separately using NO compression.The resulting archive is now compressed as much as possible, and WITHOUT modifying the model or textures.
  • Sandy
    2019-07-22 15:06
    0 1
    Oh, really? and why the hell did you do that?? do you ralize that not because the zip file is smaller the mod is going to perform better or whatever? LOL. Dude, 500 mb is nothing, everybody nowadays can download that lol. And here i was, thinking that you actually reduced the assets size or you actually optimized em, making the mod better performing wise, and it wasnt about that lol.. oh well. This mod is completely pointless, sorry.
  • George
    2019-07-22 15:08
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    Yup, also everybody can do that. Everybody can zip everything except sounds and make the mod smaller and smaller. And just divide the mod in two parts. That is not any achievement, that is just dumb.
  • Mootill
    2019-07-23 15:39 Send message
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    @GEORGE, multi-part mods are dumb, [email protected], while you might like or want "bloated" mods, many don't. There are also many who don't have blazing fast internet, so smaller "non-bloated" files are welcomed by those. Smaller files do load faster, and not just in ATS/ETS2.
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