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Fruehauf Tri-Axle Dump v1.0 1.33.x
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Fruehauf Tri-Axle Dump v1.0 1.33.x

Fruehauf Tri-Axle Dump for American truck simulator
Tested on 1.32.x - 1.33.x version
- Standalone;
- Cable support;
- Not bought into the property.

Import to ATS: guidot
Textures and AO_Bake: guidot
trailer picker integration: guidot
UV_Mapping: guidot
wheels by bora

  • Zorro7
    2018-12-22 15:29 Send message
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    The rear turn signal should be red.Instead of the texture of the load, it is better to make an awning, it will be more beautiful.
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