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Full map of America (USA) v1.0
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Full map of America (USA) v1.0

Full map of America (USA) v.1.0 for American Truck Simulator (v1.28.x-1.30.x)

The size of the card exceeds 20 gigabytes, instructions for downloading and installing in the archive
- The map includes all states
- The map is fully detailed, the cities are presented in real size and full details, down to the small streets
- All existing roads and highways re-created
- 1: 1 map scale
- Improved standard climate
- The seasons have been changed, in the winter it will snow
- Real traffic in each country
- Hidden and broken roads
- Possibility to buy your trailer
- And much more, it's better to see it by yourself

The card is compatible with mods for traffic from Jazzycat.

Cristian, Veron

  • Fools day
    2018-04-01 10:20
    Fools Day !!!
  • Willy1962
    2018-04-01 10:39
    thank you for the download links and explain in read me files very nice map , great pics.
  • Maziko79
    2018-04-01 12:18
    the archive has no maps only a text file and 5 photos. If anyone knows where you can download the full map then please ask for links to the map.
  • Boy


    2018-04-01 12:23
    Willy1962 knows............ Or is he fooling us too? Hahahaha
  • Willy1962
    2018-04-01 13:47
    the links are only for today : 1 april or april fool ! Hahahahaa clever " BOY " understand it !!
  • Realnyxp
    2018-04-01 14:50
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  • Boy


    2018-04-01 17:24
    You know what? I'm laughing.............
  • Ernst
    2018-04-01 20:53
    Thanks!!! This is a real good one for the April 1!!!(From noe on I will read comments:) )
  • Marko
    2018-04-02 00:45
    eat shit
  • Lance
    2018-04-04 08:46
    ok..... this isnt funny.. man! i had my hopes up because everyones been wanting this go F urselve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This definitely isnt funny...................
  • Fake
    2018-04-07 08:23
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    2018-05-01 02:14
    moron , remove this shit from the website , this shit is totally useless , if you are too stupid to make a real mod , don't post nothing here and go play whit your lego stupid kid
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