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Great Dane 48 Double trailer v1
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Great Dane 48 Double trailer v1

Old mod reconverted, updated and added double trailer version.
By Siebe3D

invasor, MiguelAngel988, Crisan21, Siebel3D

  • Portegies
    2017-06-11 10:42
    File is corrupted
  • Guest
    2017-06-11 22:17
    @Portegies Update Wirar
  • Nice mod!!!
    2017-06-12 16:59
    This mod is by-far the BEST mod iv seen in ats in a LONG DAMN TIME....Nice work man!!!!
  • Portegies
    2017-06-12 20:57
    @GUESTWinrar was the problem, thanks for this tip!
  • Ralloh
    2017-06-13 01:46
    Not sure what to do. There is an SCS file, which I added to my MOD folder. I've tried various priorities but it does not appear in the Jobs list. Is there some trick to it?
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