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Great Dane Freedom LT v1.0 1.35.x
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Great Dane Freedom LT v1.0 1.35.x

Ownable : Yes (only)
Advance Coupling : Yes
Landing Gear Animation : Yes
Lift Axles : Yes
Collisions : Yes
Colors : Various Colors
Loads : Satandard (SCS)
Wheels : Satandard (SCS)


  • George
    2019-07-12 05:31
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    Thanks, its a shame that you needed to get rid of some cargoes. I tried myself doing the same thing (some cargos are way too big in size and geometry) but i ended just discarding the mod because i didnt have patience to do it. Also i considered it wasnt worthy. Well, i will use your adaptation, i guess its better than nothing. Thanks. One thing, there is one error in one of the cargos, the path to the texture is wrong. We really need more flatbeds / lowbeds on ATS. Its getting ridicu
  • George
    2019-07-12 05:32
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    Well, i forgot this is the scs version, where only low end cargos are available. Nvm, then (the original mod that i used on 1.34 had heavy cargos as well).
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