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GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016 v0.5.1
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GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016 v0.5.1

-Truck appears in multiple variants in Kenworth dealership
-3 cabin types
-4 chasis types (well 6, 2 are doubled, they will be replaced with separate models in later updates)
-Each chasis can have multiple fueltanks variants installed (purely cosmetic)
-3 types of hoods
-Each hood has tuning parts fitted for it
-All new propper tuning parts
-Many tuning parts adapted from W900

Changelog 0.5->0.5.1
-added new models for sideflares to all cabs
-fixed interior issues with 38" and 63" sleepers
-fixed shadow models for sleeper cabs
-fixed crash when choosing 8x4 or 8x6 chasis
-fixed position of exterior nodes for interior addons

Game Version 1.2

GT-Mike, SCS

  • Suicide jockey
    2016-06-04 04:09 Send message
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    Nice truck. Had trouble when I attached it to a heavy load tho. Over 100k. Had the 8x4 setup. Steer tires were coming off the ground and couldnt turn
  • Name
    2016-06-05 00:17 Send message
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    the truck will not work for peple who have to run thare game in open gl
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