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GTM Kenworth T800 2016 Edit v0.5.2
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GTM Kenworth T800 2016 Edit v0.5.2

And a feature list of current beta version 0.5.1:
-Truck is built in a similar to official SCS DLC manner
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Kenworth dealership
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Quick Jobs
-7 cabin types
-7 chasis types
-Each chasis can have multiple fueltanks variants installed (purely cosmetic)
-4 types of hoods
-Each hood has tuning parts fitted for it
-All new propper tuning parts
-Many tuning parts adapted from W900

Known issues:
-if you find anything please inform me in this thread

To do list:
-more fueltanks and fueltanks rework
-more exhausts and exhaust rework
-port mod into SCS:BT
-add new SCS functionalities

-more bullbars and bullbar rework
-more cab roof accessories
-more headlight models
-more rear fenders
-more front bumpers (possibly)

-more sunvisors
-more hood deflectors
-more backcab addons (logging/headache racks + some top secret specials ;) )
-general rework of parts visible (or the ones that should be visible) in interior view

-general fixing and polishing

Changelog 0.1->0.2
-hoods and their respectible tuning parts are now visible properly in the interior view
-added interior models for hood mirrors
-truck_desktop works properly, so you may use “Truck configurator” ingame now
-fixed issue with sleeper cab’s exhaust “clipping” by reworking exhaust and battery box models
-reduced width of wheels slightly, they now stick inside fenders as they should
-added 2 new tuning nodes for future updates
-added 2 small tuning parts for Daycab

Changelog 0.2->0.2.5
-finally fixed the “missing parts” issue for the Kenworth Dealership, also Quick Jobs trucks should work fine now
-added the most important part for the T800 – beacons :mrgreen:
-added new “bullbar” accessory, which is beacon lights underneath the bumper (this still needs some work)
-added first “behindcab” (yaaay random names :P) accessory which is logging rack for the Daycab

Changelog 0.2.5->0.3
-added 2 more chasis models: 4×2 and 6×4 medium
-hood shadows fixed
-mapped hoods, created skinning templates for hoods
-splitted hoods and grills
-grills are now a separate tuning part
-rear fenders are now a separate tuning part
-fueltanks with rear fenders removed!

Changelog 0.3->0.3.1
-fixed hood mapping and redone hood skinning templates (special thanks to Hounddog for his high quality skins which made it alot easier ;) )

Changelog 0.3.1->0.3.3
-added manifest file to the mod
-fixed “redundant wheel accessory” error
-fixed “sanitised shadow” error
-fixed missing mudflaps on 4×2 and 6×4 medium chasis
-fixed identical fueltank models bug
-fixed an issue with quick jobs daycab truck displaying parts from sleeper cabs
-fixed “missing mat file” error in truck browser
-updated camera files for maximum compatibility
-added compatibility for advanced trailer coupling

Changelog 0.3.3->0.4->0.5
-updated def files to work with ATS 1.3
-fixed errors caused by installing wide hood
-removed “Aero Cab” instead you may get a 72″ cab and a separate “Full Aero Kit” Spoiler
-added 5 new cabs
-added “aerokit” accessory which adds spoilers to all cabs
-reworked mapping on all cabins for easier and more intuitive skinning
-removed old front bumper models
-added 32 new front bumper options with optimised models
-added new hood: “Modified High Hood” and assigned all parts
-fixed strange reflection on high hood grill by changing the grill to a more detailed one
-changed hood mirror models on high hoods
-rear fenders are now fully optional
-reworked and optimised rear mudflaps models
-added N mudflap models to use with custom rear fendrs or without rear fenders
-fixed minor interior issue with some parts not displaying properly
-added compatibility with interior addons
-added interior models for all cabins
-added external interior for all cabins
-fixed and updated collision models
-completely reworked main truck model variants for easier organisation
-reworked chasis def files and all corresponding def files

Changelog 0.5->0.5.1
-added new models for sideflares to all cabs
-fixed interior issues with 38″ and 63″ sleepers
-fixed shadow models for sleeper cabs
-fixed crash when choosing 8×4 or 8×6 chasis
-fixed position of exterior nodes for interior addons

Changelog 0.5.1->0.6 (still a wip)
-model ported to SCS:BT (80% done)
-removed 38″ ‘aero’ cab since it was an unrealistic abomination
-removed black front bumper variants (there are paintable variants so you can just paint them black)
-removed logging rack option (for now)
-added big bumpers with high beam lights
-added “wing” accessory to all available cabs
-added paintable variants of multiple addons
-added an option to remove small side window
-many parts splitted from base truck model and turned into accessories
-compleetely reworked fueltank system – fueltank model can now be selected independantly for each side – over 5000 combinations possible (depending on chasis)
-compleetely reworked exhaust system – exhaust model can now be selected independantly for each side, also for each cab a side, back, or SCR exhaust may be installed, or it can be entirely removed
-updated and fixed interiors (still a wip)
-added new functionalities introduced in latest patches (still a wip)

GT-Mike, SCS-Software

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    The site says nothing is there boss.
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    Very awesome work.
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    Пиздаболы!!!!!!!! Ни какого обновления 0.5.2 нет. Мод и так прекрасно работает на 1.4.х Ничтожные люди - очередной раз зарабатывают на чужой работе, выдавая за обновление. Вот авторская тема, смотрите сами http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=207&t=202974
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