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Hawaii & Colorado Map
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Hawaii & Colorado Map

Hawaii & Colorado Map
- Map Hawaii
- Map Colorado
- Update To 1.2 Patch
- New Cities & New Roads

Part 1 (Base): http://sharemods.com/omuc6lol5pbk/ATS__Base.rar.html
Part 2 (Hawaii): http://sharemods.com/9ulbmt7hej8p/ATS_map_Hawaii_by_Mario.rar.html
Part 3 (Colorado): http://sharemods.com/dozgv19pkcnu/ATS_map_Colorado_by_Mario.rar.html

Setup All 3 Files For Works! 
Tested 1.2 Game Version


  • Name
    2016-03-18 18:20
    i live in durango lol
  • Farmerjon
    2016-03-18 21:26
    It keeps crashing my game.
  • Tacsi68
    2016-03-18 23:12
    Please delete this post because the author mocks honest work (for 3-4 years) Frank007-Hungary's Map. I do not think that your website encourages theft and deception. Thank you for the understanding.
  • Mua


    2016-03-19 03:04
    This map will not work on ATS 1.1.3 , crashes game every time so don't bother.
  • Freddy jimmink
    2016-03-19 10:25
    Maps keep crashing! Pitty because the latest Hawaiian map is doing fine,Try to solve the problems and make it compareable to MHA Pro like You did before.Or? If it should be stolen, why don't the Original makers place the good map?
  • Osec36
    2016-03-19 19:08
    This is a Bug Bond ; [19/03/2016 17:45] (sec-0006+0001);-20481.3;21.746;6580.04
  • Freddie cruger
    2016-03-26 10:31
    Freddy jimmink: "Or? If it should be stolen, why don't the Original makers place the good map?"The Hungary map is perfectly fine, it is on it's official website. It is for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and NOT for American Truck Simulator. Well this is not so surprising because Hungary is in Europe but that dumb fuck thief Mario have no idea and probably neighter you Freddy boy.
  • Everyday bluesky
    2016-03-27 12:36
    Don NOT download this map. Outdated, does not compatible with the current version of the game - and also stolen.
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