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Heavy Train Trailer Pack v1.01
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Heavy Train Trailer Pack v1.01

I for 1 don't want all heavy trailers, so i separated the train trailers in 1 mod and called it Heavy Train Trailer Pack.
It's for ATS1.30.x and higher
Author: SCS, Roadhunter, Blade1974,  [email protected] Boy

SCS, Roadhunter, Blade1974, [email protected] Boy

  • ?


    2018-04-27 12:13
    ets2 is work?
  • Fake
    2018-04-27 12:39
  • Boy van wonderen
    2018-04-27 13:28
    Fake, propbaly You hve a reading problem i wrote i sepaarate the train trailers and made a mod of it, thanks but credits are unchanged and be a sport mate use Your name because this what You do now is FAKE!It might work in ETS2 but i can't garantee.
  • Luigi
    2018-04-27 15:49
    Hi. This mod also works with the 1.31.xx Open Beta?Thanks
  • Blade1974
    2018-04-27 23:45
    what is the reason for doing thisthe article will be forthcoming for me and the new release soonboy van vonderen
  • Csx68
    2018-04-28 03:34
    how about making real logos like BNSF
  • Tom


    2018-04-28 10:48
    the trailers arent steerable
  • Boy van wonderen
    2018-04-28 12:27
    I gave You credit blade1974 so what's the fucking point ey? I wrote that i for 1 will NOT have all heavy wieght trailers in my game, and probably i am not the only 1 as i see the downloads. But now i fully understand why all modders thake care that they gonna be hated by making suuch comments and pissing off good willling people.I have no respect for modders who moan and whine, threaten and blabber about people who mean no fucking harm, but You know what? Go ejaculate!
  • Boy van wonderen
    2018-04-28 12:31
    Trailers steer perfect in my 1.30 game
  • Boy not wonder
    2018-04-29 09:29
    Go fuck a mouse Freddy!
  • Boy van wonderen
    2018-04-29 09:53
    Aaaahhhh an animal seks lover in the house! Sorry but i am not Freddy mousefucker!
  • Freddy jimmink
    2018-04-29 11:54
    Boy van Wonderen het is beter niet eens te reageren op eikels zoals Not to Wonder, dat heeft nl echt geen zin, die gasten hebben een zeer geliniteerd verstand........
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