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Heavy Train Trailer Pack v1.01
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Heavy Train Trailer Pack v1.01

I for 1 don't want all heavy trailers, so i separated the train trailers in 1 mod and called it Heavy Train Trailer Pack.
It's for ATS1.30.x and higher
Author: SCS, Roadhunter, Blade1974,  [email protected] Boy

SCS, Roadhunter, Blade1974, [email protected] Boy

  • ?


    2018-04-27 12:13
    ets2 is work?
  • Fake
    2018-04-27 12:39
  • Boy van wonderen
    2018-04-27 13:28
    Fake, propbaly You hve a reading problem i wrote i sepaarate the train trailers and made a mod of it, thanks but credits are unchanged and be a sport mate use Your name because this what You do now is FAKE!It might work in ETS2 but i can't garantee.
  • Luigi
    2018-04-27 15:49
    Hi. This mod also works with the 1.31.xx Open Beta?Thanks
  • Blade1974
    2018-04-27 23:45
    what is the reason for doing thisthe article will be forthcoming for me and the new release soonboy van vonderen
  • Csx68
    2018-04-28 03:34
    how about making real logos like BNSF
  • Tom


    2018-04-28 10:48
    the trailers arent steerable
  • Boy van wonderen
    2018-04-28 12:31
    Trailers steer perfect in my 1.30 game
  • Freddy jimmink
    2018-04-29 11:54
    Boy van Wonderen het is beter niet eens te reageren op eikels zoals Not to Wonder, dat heeft nl echt geen zin, die gasten hebben een zeer geliniteerd verstand........
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