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Improved headlights v3.0
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Improved headlights v3.0

Mod replaces the standard flash of the headlights better and greatly improves their visibility.

Version 3.0:
- New textures
- New settings
Support packs from Jazzycat-a

The structure of the mod:
BFv3.0 1.Base for ATS - basic mod.
BFv3.0 2.Headlights White/Yellow - "yellow" and "white" version of a light truck. Also here a smooth transition of light and its different shades for the traffic. Priority should be above the main mod.
BFv3.0.Default Traffic Addon - mod adds new flash for default traffic. Attention! Incompatible with AI Traffic Pack from Jazzycat! Use only one of them.

Supported packs Jazzycat:
- AI Traffic Pack v3.5.1 and above
- Classic cars AI Traffic Pack v1.5 and above
- Truck Traffic Pack v1.8 and above
- Painted Truck and Trailers Traffic Pack v1.4 and above
Bus Traffic Pack v1.2 and above
- Mexican Traffic Pack v1.6 and above

Mod compatible with the latest versions of these packs. Addons BFv3.0 should have higher priority than packs Jazzycat.

- If you have packs crashes on motovskij maps - put all the Addons for traffic below mods with new maps.
- If you have extreme starbursts around headlights - use fashion which reduces the intensity of the HDR

Test version: 1.29.x

Mod - http://sharemods.com/w27q1qjqmorx/Better_Flares_v3.0_for_ATS.zip.html
Addons for Jazzycat pack - http://sharemods.com/ogqklsmaj3gy/Better_Flares_v3.0_for_ATS_addons_for_Jazzycat_Packs.zip.html


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