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International Eagle 9300i v1.1.3
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International Eagle 9300i v1.1.3

Tested in version 1.1.3

– 5 Different engines (with different ratings) NTC, N14, Cat, DD, 3406
– KW_Driver Eaton Fuller transmissions (9, 10, 13, 18 speeds)
– Spicer 7 and 14 speed transmissions (Guidot)
– Assorted KW_Driver colors
– sounds from Kriechbaum, odd fellow, and myself KW_Driver

Known Issues:
Still dependent on ETS2 database files, Which are copied into the mod.

SCS, Panther, guido

  • Maestro
    2016-02-19 17:04 Send message
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    Does this work on ETS2?
  • Maestro
    2016-02-20 01:14 Send message
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    The problem is that version doesn't work anymore since the updates, and until someone upgrades the mod, it will continue to crash the game every time. Sadly, because it's a great truck to drive, i think you're right when you say everyone forgot it.Still, thanks for the comeback Experimental Trucker. ;)
  • Bs16l
    2016-02-27 15:07 Send message
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    Really nice truck, but unfortunately somewhat incompatible. When truck is activated ATS crashes as soon as you try to access Peterbilt dealers.
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