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Kenworth K100-E v1.2.1 1.38
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Kenworth K100-E v1.2.1 1.38

- All 4 essential cabs (90", 90" Aerodne, 112", and 112" Aerodyne)
- All the fairings and wind deflectors based on factory options.
- Factory paint schemes.
- Matching interiors. But, slightly simplified compared to real life, because I'm not RTA, nor Steve Roache.

- Edited transmission names.
- Sealed some holes in the 90" Aerodyne.
- The 1st truck in the dealership is no longer a set-forward axle. The third one is.
- Reworked photonic stabilizer.
- Reversed tire air rotation.
- Added blinker fluid
- Adjusted flux capacitor

ATS by Overfloater.
Credit for the engine defs and sounds, goes to Kriechbaum
Credit for the Engine+transmission model, goes to Harven
Chassis models, and other parts that look like they're from the base game, are from the base game.

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    2020-10-01 10:00
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    good truck but don't see any difference between steam and steam
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