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Kenworth K108
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Kenworth K108

Truck Kenworth K108.
Written in a Kenworth dealership. Meets in the orders of the companies. Present in the gallery tractors. Has real engines, transmissions, sounds, interior of right-hand and left-hand drive, additional drive, your coloring and templates for editing.

What's new:
1. 3d interior
2. Fully redesigned model of the truck
3. Zapechek of the new technology.
4. Template.
5. The animation of the steering column, steering universal joint, the gas and brake pedals.

Test version:

jekich1,Virat,SCS: - 3D model.
Smith: Template, help with animation, etc.
Fire-Blade: - modeling interior modeling.
Stas556: - envelope residence.
NN-Mihail: Technical support
Virat - modeling interior modeling.
Kriechbaum Sounds, registration, engines and transmissions, configure
Tracy N Anderson Nathan: Technical support
Driver Geo: Test, Video, Technical support
Mick Brown - Technical support.
Tracy N Nathan AndersoŠ½: - Technical support.

  • Renenate12
    2016-07-14 00:14 Send message
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    corrupt file
  • Noname
    2016-07-14 08:29 Send message
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    we need to unpack WinRar
  • Anon
    2016-07-14 14:58 Send message
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    Please upload this truck version for ETS2 too.
  • Ron


    2016-07-26 17:31 Send message
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    Love this truck so far. The only thing I've found so far is the speedometer is in KM/h instead of Mph. Great work.
  • Valdza
    2016-08-04 13:55 Send message
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    please fix salon
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