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Kenworth T600 Shaneke edit 1.35
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Kenworth T600 Shaneke edit 1.35

Kenworth T600 Shaneke edit update for 1.35
Author Shaneke Game

Shaneke Game

  • Boy


    2019-08-04 20:43
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    a guy who called himself "lard ass jimmick" and has no brains leaked this shaneke mod, btw the mod is bad, you can't get it in a simple color to use it
  • Whitee787
    2019-08-04 21:13
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    cool a-- truck but where racks
  • Charles
    2019-08-05 02:36
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    If the truck shows black parts, you can do this:-Go to the mod folder.-Fin the archive: Manifest-Open whit notepad.-After, you change in the text package version the "4.0" for "1.35" or "1.35.x"If you do all in order, now open the game again, the truck appears with that parts in normal color.
  • Boy
    2019-08-07 15:30
    1 0
    thanks sir charles for the advise, it works fine now
  • Bobmerican
    2019-08-09 04:55 Send message
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    so this cannot be used with any other mod- that makes it chitty- too bad. i drove a t600 for 3 years back in the day and really wanted to play it
  • The englishman
    2019-09-30 15:20
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    stanalone normaly meams it wont work with other t600 mods
  • Truckman
    2020-04-23 20:46
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    how do you buy these vehicles in game i can only get workshop mods
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