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Kenworth T609 Update 1.31
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Kenworth T609 Update 1.31

Good here I have this T609 that updates for 1.31 and I think it has no bugs, only that it has no cables that I do not know how to put them and enjoy it.
if you have errors tell me
credits to the corresponding

buenas aqui tengo este T609 que actualiza para la 1.31 y creo que no tiene bugs, solo que no tiene cables que no se como ponerlos y disfrutenlo.
si tiene errores diganme
creditos a los correspondientes.

Fire-Blade (Oleg Verhovodov) (Interior model, 3ds Max modding),
NN-Mihail (Mihail Verhovodov) (Conversion to the game, update, animation),
Kriechbaum (Sounds - engines and transmission),
Smith (Template, help with animation),
Gerald Hardie, PAPY11 (Marc Lion) (Tester ATS and ETS),
Tracy N Nathan Anderson, Evelyn Sophie (skins),
Valery (programming),
Mick Brown (Accessories / Technical Support),
Imperator3 (beta tester).

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  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
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    when you try and customize it it's a bit lag's a bit but when driving it runs fine all round it's really a great and good looking truck
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    2020-01-01 22:51
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    its a good mod
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    2020-02-01 21:39
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    el deader de man no aparece
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