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Kenworth T680 Big Bob Edition v1.0 [1.29.x]
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Kenworth T680 Big Bob Edition v1.0 [1.29.x]

Model independent, does not change the default t680
bought in the cabin Kenworth

revision and correction of default model SCS.
--Geometry and materials of the headlights, hood, grill, bumper, has been edited.
--Replaced the interior in the external model to the internal HD.
- Changed the geometry of the interior, aligned to the external model
the point of fixing of the canopy also meets the external model.
- in the interior of the Diamond sun lowered flaps.
--track of the front wheels is reduced, in accordance with the real.
- Added accessories to the interior.
--The suspension made softer now nice ride rocking more default very oak.
--Reconfiguring the camera in the cabin, 67 fov and other settings turning the head.
--Increased the range point settings of the camera
by default it was impossible closer to the dash to install the camera.
--Reconfigured the glow of the instruments.
- light in the cabin (turn on button "u"), with the accessories of the flashing lights.
--Set up the reflection glass in the cabin and on the external model.

Test version s


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