Farming simulator 2019 mods
Kenworth T880 1.36.x
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Kenworth T880 1.36.x

Original by Franck Peru

Fixed by galimim

Changes from original mod:
Texture cleanup
Corrected lights
Made standalone
Added advanced coupling for short chassis
Def file cleanup and tweaking
Removed incorrect engines
Added correct engines
Added correct gearboxes
Added missing icon for truck configurator

Change log:
1.0: Original mod
1.1: Added retarder stick animation
Fixed headlights def file
1.2: Fixed green tint on headlights
1.3: Fix for patch 1.35
1.4: Updated engines and transmissions
1.5: New UV unwrap and template
Added wiper shadow for interior view
Separated headlights from the chassis
Added realistic headlight pattern by hastantyo as an option
Added xenon headlights as an option


  • Coltanium
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    What trailer is that?
  • Cold diesel
    2019-11-13 05:54
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    @Coltanium 1996 Fabrex Walking Floor by Half Fast Gaming.
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