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Kenworth T908 adapted ATS
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Kenworth T908 adapted ATS

Kenworth T908

Find at Kenworth Shop (ATS).

– Standalone with Truck Desktop
– Interior
– Tuning
– 4 types of cabins
– 720 hp Engine
– Sound
– Metallic Color
– Physics

Wendigo strikes again.

Wildcat, Wendigo

  • Zoran
    2016-03-03 10:52 Send message
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    Can someone make this beautiful truck mod without errors for ats?First when you open menu for fast jobs the game crash and truck have speedometer in km/h instead in miles,says adapted for ats?
  • Darnellm09
    2016-03-03 21:30 Send message
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    You phuckers at RTA got NO RIGHTS TO SELL the Kenworth name, better go learn U.S. Copyright Infringement Laws and stop being azzholes........I'm personally gonna "report" ya azz's to the Kenworth Company so you can break off some of that illegal money your making to Kenworth!
  • Proteus
    2016-03-09 07:38 Send message
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    Reducing the textures from 4096 to 2048 did the trick, and I used some sharpening skills to keep the quality without pixelation and loss of qualityPMG fileAs the file is in Part 2 with password impossible to fix00:25:58.301 : [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading '/vehicle/truck/ken908/truck.pmg' with size 76813806
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