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Kenworth W900 L Remix ATS v1.4 approved
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Kenworth W900 L Remix ATS v1.4 approved

Its done finally thanks to Stas556, Dmitry68, Kirchenbaum, everything thing as it should but due to the number of email we had to add our flavor back on we add a few thing put mostly same as before and this is ATS 1.4 approved and working

Authors: Stas556, Dmitry68, Kirchenbaum, vovangt4, Update: 508Studio Remix

  • Trucker t
    2016-09-11 21:49
    Always wanted this truck mod, but WinRAR cant open this file:/ is their anything you guys can do to fix this?
  • Freddy jimmink
    2016-09-12 13:47
    Trucker T You need to adjust WINRAR with Winrar Archiver and than it works.The truck is very nice, the sound is crap! Please make a sound wich makes this truck worth!
  • Trucker t
    2016-09-13 03:54
    Are you able to have to have the camera move in such a way as to sit in the sleeper? I remember the old version of this back in ets2, you were able too?
  • Trucker t
    2016-09-15 04:04
    Never mind my previous comment. I got the update working, great truck mod!
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