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Kenworth W900 Long for ATS 1.31
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Kenworth W900 Long for ATS 1.31

This is an update for the Kenworth W900L which will make the truck compatible with ATS version 1.31. This mod includes a fixed rear camera which can be accessed by first pressing F2 then hitting the ‘f’ key on you keyboard. This mod also packs in the accessories for the truck and the truck itself. Hopefully you like the mod and can give me some other mods to fix in the future.

Authors in Haulin: pete379jps, Cerritos.
Authors in ETS2:
Envelope, animation and registration in ETS2 - dmitry68 and Stas556
Sound: Kriechbaum (great thanks for the work!)
Air conditioning from maxx2504
Re-making in ATS: dmitry68

  • Pete379jps
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  • Pete379jps
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  • Speedking2
    2018-07-25 13:39 Send message
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    Pete379JPS,Are you original modder of this truck? Thank you for getting this truck back up to ATS 1.31 version. I notice that the truck have cables but the cables aren't attaching to trailers. Is this going to be fixed on next update of this truck? thank you
  • Guest
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    @Speedking2 Convert, animation and registration for ETS2 & ATS dmitry68 and Stas556! pete379jps & Cerritos make for 18 wos Haulin!
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