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Kenworth W900 oqModifed v1.3.0
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Kenworth W900 oqModifed v1.3.0

Changed wheelbase, instead of 306 inches, it became 285 inches.
As a result, it decreased, and the total length and the distance between the semi-trailer and the tractor, which had a positive effect on the truck maneuverability.
Now it is easier to maneuver on cramped bases.

- Fixed the position of the front wheels, front mudguards.
- Adjusted the width of the rear mudguards brackets.
- Changed the size of the rear steps and removed the tool box.
- Fixed front wing configuration.
- Changed the slope of the grille
- Figures on the hood.
- Decals on the door
- Decals for a sleeping bag.
- Radio.
- Full seats.
- Emblems on the backs of the seats.
- Additional slots on the high cab.
- Modified sounds.
- Exterior panel door and velvet ribbon glass, as seen from the cab.


Camera KW 937 - walking camera, for a cabin version with a berth.
Noowers_oq37 - management of flags and signs "Oversized cargo."
Custom light v1.1.0 - more realistic headlights.

Test version: 1.35.1

SCS, oq37

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