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Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive Custom by Bu5ted
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Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive Custom by Bu5ted

4 New Chassis Added :
Long 6×4
Tri-Drive 8×4
Tri-Drive Mid-Lift 8×4
Tri-Drive Tag-Lift 8×4
Added 10 Transmissions
Added 5 New Engines
Over 40 Addon Lights Including New Mini Beacon Markers
20 Bumpers for Truck With tons of Accessory Slots
Added 2 Visors With Custom Light Slots
New Cab Panel With Custom Light Slots
New Tank Lights with Custom Light Slots
Added New Exhaust: Straight Big Pipe and Angled Big Pipe
Added 4 New Tires and Made Custom taller Alcoa Rubber
Added Backside Lights to 2 Cab Variants
Added Custom Light Slots to Mirrors
Added Custom Aircleaners
Added Additional Cab Flares
Added Aditional Sleeper Lights
New Truck Sound and Jake
Changed FOV for interior view

Bu5ted & …..SCS Software,Alcoa,Viper2,Pendragon,aradeth

  • Proteus
    2016-03-29 07:05 Send message
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    log v1.23 Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/kenworth_w900/truck.pmd
  • Referrunner41055
    2016-03-31 17:18 Send message
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    I like the truck all the add-ons that you can do to it. But the only paint jobs that work right are the default ones and I have a ton of skins and other paint jobs that I like to use. if someone could fix the orientation for the skins that are out there it would be a lot better.
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