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Kraz 255 Truck v5.0
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Kraz 255 Truck v5.0

KrAZ is autonomous, doesn’t replace anything, is bought at Volvo
The truck has the usual 6×6 and tandem chassis
Cab accessories and external tuning
Its wheels
Its sounds
Its engines with customized torque curves
Standard and speed gearboxes
Added spiral cables with physics
Adapted to ETS2 version: 1.32 – 1.33.x
No support for advanced hitch

List of changes in the update 22.12.18:
Bugs fixed
Fixed excessive shine on the windows

Koral, _69_mf_ , kv0, Bo Ezduk

  • Bo ezduk
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    My original (real) link : https://modsfire.com/A5k6S0ju5sDdlD5Иди НАХУЙ SMusr404 ! Такой же ублюдок как и Cruise и разные Mods ы Конченный перезаливала ты SMusr404 и вставляла своих ссылок на чужую работу!
  • Bo ezduk
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    My original (real) link : https://modsfire.com/A5k6S0ju5sDdlD5
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