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Lowboy Yellow & Red Onwable [MP-SP] 1.35.x
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Lowboy Yellow & Red Onwable [MP-SP] 1.35.x

This mod makes it possible for us to buy the lowboy trailers. Attention, you can not modify wheels or paint, since the load disappears.

SCS Software, EmaGamerYT

  • Curlyd2020
    2019-07-08 16:45 Send message
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    the problem should have been fixed before release dumb-ass!!!!!!
  • George
    2019-07-10 04:56
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    "Attention, you can not modify wheels or paint, since the load disappears." this is a joke, right? whats the point of this then? ow. Again, another crappy modder trying to be a smart ass. You guys cant even fix things before even uploading it? zzz.
  • Dusty dave
    2019-07-13 19:05
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    guys shut the fuck up and let him make mods he puts efforts in to doing these mod all of you guys are crying like a little bitch you try to make mods and see how hard it is its not easy you selfish cunts
  • N3mes1s
    2019-07-15 01:40 Send message
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    Dusty Dave, thats a joke,right? what effort? if NONE of these mods work?? not a single one?? did you even try em before writting such stupidity? always the same story. Also, what effort? do you realize that making a mod such this one takes about 5 minutes, right?? pure ignorance...
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