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Mack CHU 613 1.36
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Mack CHU 613 1.36

I'm pleased to present to you the Mack CHU613. Credit to Franck Peru for this truck and  Gilimim for all his fixes and drivetrain revisions. Many hours have been spent by various authors to create, optimize and bring you this great truck.

Personally, I have spent many hours correcting both aesthetic issues that were not pleasing to the eye and correcting textures that caused errors from when the truck was originally created. The truck is now error and warning free!

I am also working on many great add ons including day cab chassis variants, parts and accessories. More to come soon.

The truck is purchased in the Mod Dealer and unlocks at level 6.


- Real dimensions based on Mack specifications.
- Real engines and transmissions with torque curves, ratios and other parameters crafted by galimim
- Fully animated detailed interior including brake and gas pedals.
- Standard SCS truck features with advanced coupling, trailer cables, etc.
- Great engine sounds made by Kriechbaum


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    Повторная загрузкаПОВТОРНАЯ ЗАГРУЗКА2019-11-12 11:23 отсоси педик
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    сосни хуйца MARLIN !!! Малолетка-Педик в хвост ебаный!
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    MARLIN это "Melena" - шлюха малолетняя которую никто не хочет ебать, вот обидно, да сучка ?!!!! )))))))))))
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