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Mack Pinnacle v1
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Mack Pinnacle v1

Update: 25/02/17
Standalone - dealer Peterbilt (Only available in the showroom)
- Five cabins
- Six chassis
- Its interior for each type of cabin and two choices of finish
- Their sound
- Their engines and PPC
- There are templates for skins
- Support Steering Creations Pack
- Support for advanced hitch
It does not work adjustable steering wheel and there is little waste in the log.

Sib3rius, Corby, Superman, Humster3D, Bora, V2obert, Krechibaum, A.Sneed, Mack Trucks, Deven

  • Valdza
    2017-03-04 15:27
    plzs scania r700 mod american truck
  • Agon1
    2017-04-17 08:02
    can you convert this to a .scs file please
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