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Mack RS 700 & RS 700 Rubber Duck 1.6.x
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Mack RS 700 & RS 700 Rubber Duck 1.6.x

2 variants of Mack RS 700 truck: short sleeper and Rubber Duck's truck
found in volvo dealer
ATS 1.6.x
install onle one mod!


  • Jorgent
    2017-06-22 18:10
    volvo dealer?
  • Jack
    2017-06-22 20:06
    Please tell me that you can change the color of it...it looks nice but the red is hideous.
  • Guest
    2017-06-22 20:10
    The air wing thing is WAY to slanted back, should be more vertical, good lookin rig
  • Jimmy
    2017-06-22 21:09
    Where can i find a Volvo dealer?
  • Jimmy
    2017-06-22 21:10
    This is for ATS and not ETS2 right?
  • This mad is a ass hat
    2017-06-22 22:21
    This mod DOES NOT WORK, the ONLY thing that works is the rims, wheel bolts and tires, NOTHING ELSE WORKS
  • Mootill
    2017-06-23 05:17
    The Rubber Duck version has no options because it's supposed to represent the truck as seen in the movie Convoy. Ever seen it, or heard of it?The other truck is unfinished, it was released to the public to prevent others from profiting off the sale of it.Oh, one more thing - if there's no Volvo dealer in ATS, then WTF is this? Or am I dreaming>http://imgur.com/a/v6gfLhttp://imgur.com/a/tuAaRhttp://imgur.com/a/ISMFP
  • Mootill
    2017-06-23 05:19
    I removed the extra colors from the RD version and made it load the black color only.http://imgur.com/a/l3zxq
  • @mootill
    2017-06-26 00:40
    There is a Volvo dealer, but NOT IN STANDARD game only with a mod can a Volvo dealer can be found.
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