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MACK SL-V8 v4.2 [UPD: 24.01.19] 1.33.x
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MACK SL-V8 v4.2 [UPD: 24.01.19] 1.33.x

Changes v4.2 [UPD: 24.01.19]:
- Adaptation for ATS 1.33.x
- Fixed identified bugs.
- Added missing files for accessories and tuning.
- Added missing icons in the cabin.


- Sold in the salon-Kenworth.
- The truck is registered in gallery and in orders of agencies.
- You can choose to start when you create a profile.
- A lot of your own tuning and accessories.
- Three positions of smoke selection from the exhaust pipes.
- Cable support.
- And more.

Virat, SCS: - 3D model.
Smith: Template, help with animations, baking, etc.
Oleg Verkhovodov: (Fire-Blade) - Improved model of exterior and interior, modeling.
SS: Conversion and setup.
Michael Verhovodov: (NN- > Mihail) - Convert and customize. v3.0 v3.1 v3.2 v4.0 v4.1 v4.2
kriechbaum: Sounds, engines and transmissions, beta testing.
PAPPY 11: Beta-testing.
Imperator3: Beta testing.
Adaptation for ATS 1.33.x, bug fix, adding files and icons: losevo58

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