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Mack Superliner Deluxe for ATS 1.3.x
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Mack Superliner Deluxe for ATS 1.3.x

Mack Superliner Deluxe for American Truck Simulator v1.3.xx

Mack Superliner it´s registered in the Kenworth dealer. It is found in the company's orders. Present in the gallery trucks. Has the real engines, transmissions, sound, interior cabin with GPS in the center of the dashboard and left hand drive (american and european driving style)

1. Deleted complety all parts of the DLC Toys of Euro Truck Simulator 2 
2. Added Americna Truck Simulator icon plate
3. Mod updated to version 1.3 of American Truck Simulator
4. Other changes

Not compatible with DLC Rims and DLC National Window Flags

Know bugs:
- [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading '/vehicle/truck/superliner/truck.pmg' with size 65288788
- Missing wheel accessory removed!
- Incorrect front wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/superliner/truck.pmd
- Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/superliner/truck.pmd

 !!! Enjoy the game !!!

Authors: AMT Team
Adapted to American Truck Simulator: H.Trucker

  • Jamie
    2016-06-18 07:49 Send message
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    my god stop putting a link to share mods just dose not work it creates adds and other bs and will not let you down load it
  • Colinv
    2016-07-26 11:04 Send message
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    I was going to download this Mod that was until I read the above comment from REALPUNK. I will not use any mods if they are stolen and I hope others follow the same.
  • Pjm739
    2016-08-01 00:45 Send message
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    do not download
  • Rta mods
    2016-11-17 22:36 Send message
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    This mod is property by RTA Mods and not public and isn't free, please delete this mod or it will be deleted by usOur website: https://rta-mods.net
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