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Mack Superliner for ATS
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Mack Superliner for ATS

2 cabins
1 chassis for each cabin and salon
9 engines
6 transmission
His salon (2 variants)
its sounds
Its wheels (8 variants)
Many accessory
Supports DLC Cabin Accessories(needed mod Cabin Accessories DLC for ATS).

Changes: Changes: Fixed all bugs, Do not click on the "I" button otherwise it will crash !!!

Work in version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

SCS: - base.
Virat: - 3D model.
Stas556: - envelope, animation, residence.
kriechbaum: - sounds residence engines, transmissions, icons.
Fire-Blade: - 3ds Max modeling.
Fox071rus: - 3ds Max modeling.
Smith: - Technical support.
Robert Bogdanov: - Texturing, scan.
Gerald Hardie: - Technical support.
Knox: - dashboard TV & GPS
Adaptation - Phantom94

  • Guest
    2016-11-16 21:38
    Good work. Mod works fine
  • Name
    2016-11-16 22:49
    Nice mod, but with latest patch crash.
  • Guest
    2016-11-16 23:56
    In good work
  • Name
    2016-11-17 12:31
    Yes, true. I made another test with a new profile without any mods and it works. It's strange, because i have few mods, coz i bought the game just last week. I will find easy which is the mod that cause the crash of this truck. :-)
  • Rta mods
    2016-11-17 22:09
    This mod is property by RTA Mods and not public and isn't free, please delete this mod or it will be deleted by us
  • Le voleur
    2016-11-18 02:13
    je m'en fiche je les déjà DL tu peu le supprimé lol
  • Michle
    2016-11-19 09:46
    New link http://sharemods.com/wjkaveryai0i/Mack_Superliner_ats.rar.html
  • Le voleur 2
    2016-11-20 22:36
    Moi aussi, merci beaucoup Michle!!! :-) Bye bye RTA MODS!! LOL
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