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Mack Superliner v3.6 edit by bobo58 (v1.6.x)
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Mack Superliner v3.6 edit by bobo58 (v1.6.x)

Mack Superliner v3.6 edit by bobo58 (v1.6.x) for American Truck Simulator game.


American Truck Simulator 1.6.x
new mod: MACK Superliner v3.4.scs - used the mod MACK Superliner v3.0.scs


Changes by bobo58 v3.6:

-  Fixed bugs
- Added sound with motor - now 6 sounds + two additional audio mod
- Added the ability to change the sound of the motor to any of the other 5 sounds.
(Instruction for using the method in the archive containing everything necessary)
- Smoky truck cost of a license from environmentalists raised to $ 500,000


In it you will find:
- your favorite Melissa,
- shabby book - the presence in the cabin which enhances your status
- a half-eaten sandwich (specially kept for you only)
- and other stuff
- ... porn magazines were lost by the police of morals, among them there are men - they also need stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

Contents of the archive MACK_SL_mod_ATS.rar (~220mb):
- MACK_Superliner_v3.6_6-s.scs
- Cabin_Accessories_DLC_for_ATS_v2A.scs

-  - Six mod control sound -  -
- MACK_SL_Sound-6V92.scs
- MACK_SL_Sound-ISX.scs
- MACK_SL_Sound-ISXS.scs
- MACK_SL_Sound-LN.scs
- MACK_SL_Sound-O.scs
- MACK_SL_Sound-QD9.scs

-  - And two additional audio mod -  -
- MACK_SL_Sound-CATT.scs
- MACK_SL_Sound-N14.scs

Changes by bobo58 v3.4:
- added motor with sound
- headlights
- truck dealersKenworth and Peterbilt
- Indecently low price of a truck (there is nowhere else to go lower)


Tested on game version 1.6.x


For any question / complaints contact the author here.


Various Authors, bobo58

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