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Mack62 mTG v1.0 ATS 1.31
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Mack62 mTG v1.0 ATS 1.31

A truck model made from scratch by the "mo3Del Truck Game (mTG)" command
It is bought in a motor show "mTG" (Replaces salon "Peterbilt").
Registered in the gallery and in the orders of companies.
Has an additional tuning.
Own wheels.

Added the missing files and, if possible, corrected the detected errors.

There are three files in the archive - scs:
The location of the files in the manager is shown in the screenshot.

SISL Mega pack support

mo3Del Truck Game (mTG)
3D model of the truck: Sapgh.
Help in modeling: JAWA.
Envelope in the game, animation, registration: Stas556.
Sounds: Kriechbaum.

  • Jason
    2018-07-20 10:24 Send message
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    This is paid mod and should not have been uploaded you are disrespecting the creators if you download this truck without paying for it
  • Marlin
    2018-07-20 10:54 Send message
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    ДЖЕЙСОН2018-07-20 10:24 иди на хуй сука отсоси мне хуй пока я тебе ебало не разбил сука ясно петух блять иди на хуй отсоси мне шлюха я скачал и хули ты мне сделаешь
  • Fuk pay
    2018-07-21 00:15 Send message
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    who would pay for this crap
  • Walls of jericho
    2018-07-21 17:22 Send message
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    illegal to sell a mod without the manufacturers permission ty for making it free whoever uploaded this mod on here woot woot
  • @jason
    2018-07-22 01:07 Send message
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    You're an idiot!! Anybody who would PAY for a mod is stupid and the modders that sell mods are even dumber. They are stealing money from the makers of these trucks like Mack, Kenworth and Peterbilt. Go F yourself in the A
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