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Map MHA Pro for ATS v1.31.x
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Map MHA Pro for ATS v1.31.x

This map rebuilds and saturates the standard map, adds new cities, roads, interchanges and populated areas.
New unusual companies, new facilities, interchanges and roads.
Complicated unloading in some companies (optional)
New gas stations, parking lots, parking lots, and many other facilities.

Compatible with many cards that do not affect the standard, for example:
-Viva Mexico, is also compatible with US 50 & CA 99 add-ons and Cities Expansion, which makes the card even more beautiful

Version 1.31 for American Truck Simulator (v1.31.x):
- Upgrade (adaptation) for 1.31
- New roads and cities do not exist


  • Blacky
    2018-04-19 01:04
    your mod map won't upload on modsfire something is wrong with there site it's saying file network failed i think modsfire has been hacked or virused
  • Fakemap
    2018-04-19 20:39
    Latest version of this map, according to the official website is for ATS V1.30.... This is a faker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Paulfred
    2018-04-20 19:43
    This is not genuine MHA Pro mod update. Just spoken to Alex and he has not yet done version 1.3.1 This is a FAKE mod.
  • Lance
    2018-04-21 08:10
    yep i knew it cause ived done asked for the update for it an Alex said the update aint comin until the final release 1.31
  • Barros
    2018-04-28 19:09
    ja ist ein fake mod mhpro ist noch gar nicht erschienen ist noch in bearbeitung um die karte zu bekommen muß man sich auf alex seite anmelden nicht runterladen
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