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Mario ATS Map for v1.5
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Mario ATS Map for v1.5

Mario ATS Map Patch for v1.5 (v1.5.x) for American Truck Simulator game.
Map for ATS by Mario
Test 1.5
Download all 3 parts for correct work

Author: Mario1961

  • Mindset01
    2016-11-25 20:42 Send message
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    does this go with mega map
  • Thunderhoof
    2016-11-26 06:59 Send message
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    even with a clean profile this pack dosent work
  • Ralloh
    2016-11-26 10:30 Send message
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    Typical of these authors of maps, they give you absolutely no information at all. As asked by another person, is this to be used with Mega Map or can it be used by itself? I'm not going to download this much data if you need Maga Maps to make it work.
  • Ralloh
    2016-11-26 19:00 Send message
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    Ok, I downloaded this anyway. Sorry, but it is pure crap. I tried every combination in the priority stack I could do and it not only crashes the game, it crashes my computer so I have to reboot. I will no longer have anything to do with this guy's mods. I'm going to just enjoy version 1.5, which is outstanding by itself, and wait for the developers of Coast to Coast and Mexuscan to update to the new version. At least they know what they are doing.
  • Nissantr
    2016-12-02 18:35 Send message
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    People should not download Marios map mods anyway,because he will only steal map mods that other people do and convert them to work together in a bad way.So please do not use stolen map mods and respect other peoples work.For example Mario did combine Promods map with the TSM map and they don't normally work together,if people use them the right way and not steal them.
  • Altitude
    2016-12-17 18:06 Send message
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    [email protected]: EXACTLY! This is a stolen ETS 2 map of Hungary. As it modelling a different country on a different continent, this have nothing to do with ATS...Mario is a prick.
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