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Maxicube Reefer v2.0 1.36.x
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Maxicube Reefer v2.0 1.36.x

- Standalone;
- Ownable;
- Cable support;
- Advance Coupling;
- Your wheels.

RTA-Mods, TSA, vNzxt Customs

  • Trucker
    2020-02-29 22:39
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    People make australian trucks and trailers but I never saw australia map
  • Wolf
    2020-03-01 12:01
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    yeah that is weird trucker buti like trucks a trailers
  • Trucker is a diclhead
    2020-03-05 23:32
    0 1
    Australian trucks and trailers make the game more fun, but nah you only think with that pea brain you have, althought this trailer is junk and the modder who edited it has no clue there was an australian map when the aussies were making these mods years before ets and ats you fool
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