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Mexssimap v1.0.0 [1.30.x]
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Mexssimap v1.0.0 [1.30.x]

New map features:
New cities: Yecora, Sonora and Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua.
New highways: Mexican Federal Highway 16 (junction Sahuaripa-San Nicolaz(sonora) to ciudad Cuauhtemoc (chihuahua), Road Sahuaripa (Sonora) to Moctezuma(Sonora).
Tijuana, Heroica Nogales, Agua Prieta, Moctezuma cities reworked.
Mexican Federal Highway 2 ( Imuris-Cananea-Aguia Prieta) and Mexican Federal Highway 17 reworked
New assets: Mexican roads signs (Jordi_R and Mexico Extremo team)
New Models: Mexican models (bridge, speed bump, bump …..) by mexico extremo team
The Project Mexssimap is a mexico map mod for american truck simulator, which expands the base map..
The ubications and names of the farms, mines, truck and car maintenance are not real.

1. Download MEXSSIMAPV1.rar file
2 Unzip MEXSSIMAPV1.rar
2. Cut and paste the Mexssimap_v10.scs file and HBS_Resources_v1_3_eblem.zip files into your mod folder directory.
3 Load order in first image

Supported versions of the game:
1.30.x + DLC Arizona + DLC New Mexico

Jordi_R, Mexico Extremo Team (assets)

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