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Mexuscan renamed CanaDream Map v2.0
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Mexuscan renamed CanaDream Map v2.0

Version 2.0:
* Map changed its name to Mexuscan on CanaDream
* Fixed bugs


  • Alexcrazy
    2017-03-06 20:41 Send message
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    WTF? ::)) last version is 2.1, 2.0 is old and bugged
  • Darex2521
    2017-03-06 23:38 Send message
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  • Ralloh
    2017-03-07 10:28 Send message
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    None of your posts make any sense at all. What is with the version numbers? The last one I downloaded is version 2.1 and it was the same version as the previous post yet a different size file. Now, this one is called version 2.0. So is this new or just a re-post of an older version? I think it's time to just ignore this mod and focus on one's who know what they are doing. Honestly, I feel these apparent re-posts are just to put malware on our computers.
  • Jardik
    2017-03-07 12:11 Send message
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    hi,it will be a rehash of the new partch v1.6.06 ??? It was such a beauty and everything worked as it has,it's been a great job great map and much for her thanks....
  • Jamal
    2017-03-26 19:18 Send message
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    Not compatible with ver 1.6
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