Farming simulator 2019 mods
MHAPro v1.32.5  for ATS 1.32.x
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MHAPro v1.32.5 for ATS 1.32.x

Changelog in 1.32.5
1. many new parking place in companies
2. overlook road 101 from Eureka to north

64 cities
63 companies

The map rebuilds almost the entire structure of a standard map: objects, companies, service stations, garages, gas stations, cafes, and much more.
Must have in game: DLC New Mexico and Oregon.

Compatible with some other maps.

Heavy Alex

  • Ralloh
    2018-11-07 17:31 Send message
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    It says it's compatible with some other maps. Really? Which ones? Every one I've tried it with just crashes the game.
  • Engineertman
    2018-11-13 21:06 Send message
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    i would go here https://www.mhapro.com/ for the real map not something one uploaded
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