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Montana Expansion v0.1.0.9
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Montana Expansion v0.1.0.9

v0.1.0.9 -
fix AI traffic from disappearing at Malta gas station and I90 west bound in Glendive -
fix invisible wall in Glendive -
Glendive improvements -
v0.1.0.8 -
Laid out road network for Glendive following google maps, - after looking at things this morning, i will re-build all previous cities in this manner -

v0.1.0.7 -
collision fix at new reat area, my apoligies

Shelby I15 interchange re-built, now mirrors real life - custom built rest area added east of Wolf Point -
Williston North Dakota US hwy 2 intersection added -

US 212 from Crow Agency to Rapid City added (road only)
2 farms added on US 2 east of Havre -
Detail added in Great Falls -
3 hills had grades adjusted - a few of the updates -
remember i just started this project just under a month ago, detail will be added you can bet on it -
Also,in the future every interstate interchange will be re-built to mirror real life -

Butte mine near completion (still needs work,but drivable)
passing zones added in multiple locations -
various scene improvments -
fix grass over road @ Great Falls

Terrain issue fix at Wolf Point Oil Storage.

Montana Expansion WIP, expands on the Coast2Coast map mod -
Coast2Coast v2.8.0 required
CanaDream v2.8.11 not required, but works fine together
All SCS DLC's required -
Place Montana Expansion above Coast2Coast and CanaDream -
This is a WIP(work in progress) - I will be updating this map expansion every 2 weeks -
My goal after completion is to expand into Wyoming and the Dakotas.
v0.1.0.4 -
Added 3 new passing lanes east of Great Falls -
Fix collision issue at rail yard in Great Falls -
Various Improvements map wide.


  • Lobster123
    2019-07-03 20:29 Send message
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  • Amatist
    2019-07-03 23:36
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    Not yet worthy. I guess we will need to wait a few updates to see this mod in a clean state. It has sooo many errors and weird things that its better to just avoid it for the moment.
  • Lobster123
    2019-07-04 03:31 Send message
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    Yes Sir, i need to do alot of polish on this, i will get it there dont worry
  • Bob americana
    2019-07-04 08:51
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    i use c2c 2.8 with all map dlc's required...it only works with directx11...this map does not work with dx11....would be cool to have
  • Name
    2019-07-04 15:57
    0 0
    Lol yes it does
  • Name
    2019-07-04 16:00
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    I play this game everyday with maps loaded just like shirblackspots has in his forum thread, and have no problems ,and in DX11
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