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More people on the ATS streets v1.2 1.36
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More people on the ATS streets v1.2 1.36

Mod adds to ATS streets more people. They sit, stand and walk. It is cosmetic mod for a better atmosphere and game experience. Just download ant try. Over 1200 NPC.

* Works on version 1.36.x
* Works only with standart map

In version 1.2:
* More peoples
* Bug fix
* Night pedestrians


  • Kororuz
    2020-02-14 21:29
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    modsets я больше не буду загружать свои моды на твой ванючий сайт stmods,так как ты гнида воруешь мои моды и грузишь сюда ублюдок со своими ссылками
  • How you install it?
    2020-02-18 02:54
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  • Name
    2020-02-20 00:06
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    would you make a discription in english please?!Is this just for the Maingame ATS?? doe it works with C2C , Canadadream , DLC`S , or WHAT ?????When you bring out a mod like this, so it`s been better, you put a damn discription how are the load order is and so on buddy.Without a discription your mod is a NO GO!
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