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Outlaw Custom Peterbilt 379 EXHD v3.2
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Outlaw Custom Peterbilt 379 EXHD v3.2

For sale in Peterbilt
Own interior (several options)
Own wheels
Own sounds (depending on engine type)
It is registered in agency orders
Supports all DLC
Supports interior customization
A large number of accessories and tuning

This is a custom version of the beloved by many Peterblt 389

New details added in version 2.8:
-Lighthouses Whelen Liberty v1.0
-Lighthouses Whelen Liberty v2.0
-Lighthouses Whelen Edge v1.0
-Flashlights from Peterbilt 378
-Skin Elite
-Skin Outlaw
- Blue Seminole Metallic skin ported from W900
-Skin Blue Seminole NON Metallic Skin
Skin Classic Pet
Skin Texas Highway Patrol
-Skin Rocker
-Fastlane skin
-Custom wheels
-Wheels Demon
-Changed all the sounds of the signal to the signal from the train, mx13 engines are not affected by this change
-Added 3 more switch petals
-Added Darwin Drop Visor
-Added 7 new Catterpillar engines
-Added large flashers
-Added air purifiers from Petrbilt 359 and Peterbilt 378
-Flashing beacons v1.7 from D3S Design (Danz)
-New Harven steering wheel from chains
-Pack of Dayton drives by Pinga
-Pack of American Pro wheels and pack of tires from Rock Chevelle
-Exhaust system
- Rear mudguards from Pinga
-Neon Light Pack v1.5 from Twist3d_Vision
- Big T Final Beacon by Big T.

The author of 3D models for (Haulin) Ivan
Envelope in GTS Kenworth58, Iljaxas
Envelope in ETS 2: dmitry68, Stas556
Sounds of engines from kriechbaum
Upgrade maxx2504, viper2, AMT modding
Parts from other models Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve
Adding Parts Outlaw (John Scafella)

  • (haulin) ivan
    2020-07-12 01:37
    4 1
  • Barrauda
    2020-07-12 03:02 Send message
    0 0
    Anybody else having trouble with the engines? every engine i use has a stock sound.(tried many different sound packs)
  • Harleyf
    2020-07-12 08:53
    1 0
    My sound isnt working for any of the engines
  • Name
    2020-07-12 17:39
    2 2
    total junk ! Don't bother using this shit. these people need to learn to mod.
  • Big max
    2020-07-24 14:40
    1 0
    Gefällt mir sehr gut dieser Truck. Leider stürzt das Spiel ab, wenn ich mir einen Trailer kaufen möchte und Motorsound gibt es auch keinen. Bitte unbedingt reparieren, würde gerne damit fahren, THX
  • The outlaw
    2020-07-30 10:03
    0 0
    Pas de son moteur, bug graphique (accidents sans objet)...
  • Name
    2020-08-15 02:41
    0 0
    well who ever gave it out screwed up as they could not wait for the final version with everything fixed smh
  • Dink
    2020-12-21 09:29
    0 0
    need to put motor in file to get the sound for it
  • Newt
    2021-01-02 21:42
    0 0
    How do you get the sound to work with the engines?
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