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Ownable Doepker Flatbed Trailer v1.0
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Ownable Doepker Flatbed Trailer v1.0

Ownable Doepker Flatbed  Trailer with many cargo.
Support advanced coupling and cables simulations.
For patch 1.35.x
Cargo models by arto10, asleeper, balintpeter, Dekogon, digitalantichrist, docwitson, drumdorf, eiji-kun, GamePoly, greavsie93, hknoblauch, icekazim, ndsfla, PolygonAlley, vilitay

bansheewoj, KeithD

  • @guest
    2019-09-01 16:04
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    #1. Why did you upload it as guest??? Makes me wonder if its yours, so i have yet to download it.#2. Why does it have only 2 1/2 stars, anouther reason i didnt download it.#3. Why are there no pictures of any of the other cargoes? Seems like your lazy, anouther reason i didnt download it.
  • Madden
    2019-09-01 21:37
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    @Guest Stop bitching and just download it.
  • Keithd
    2019-09-13 03:01
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  • Keithd
    2019-09-13 03:05
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