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Owned Company Trailers v1.0 MP-SP 1.38.x
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Owned Company Trailers v1.0 MP-SP 1.38.x

Hello! With this mod you will be able to acquire some trailers, not all of the ones in the company’s works, In addition to being able to modify the wheels and paint, some not all allow it, it only happens with the paint.
The settings will come out like this: D=Double, T=Triple, O=Open, C=Cover, S=Short and T=Trailer.
I am not responsible for any ban or crash of the game, if you do not know how to use very long configurations I recommend not doing it because I will not take care of if you are banned.
Look at the TruckersMP rules and you will understand what I mean in how much the use of some long configuration, look more specifically at 3.
Drive safe.
Game Version 1.38

Dragon Afk

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