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Peerless CTS-42 Chip Van v1.0 1.36 +
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Peerless CTS-42 Chip Van v1.0 1.36 +

The Peerless CTS-42 is a lightweight chip van with an impressive 65,000 lb payload capacity. It is manufactured by KNL Holdings LLC out of Paragould, Arkansas. This mod brings this interesting trailer to life in ATS for ownership, and for the freight market. It has animated landing gear, trailer cable support, and advanced coupling.

This mod is intended to be used with my wheel pack. Make sure you have the Wheel Pack set with higher priority than the trailer(s) in the Mod Manager. You can use it without the Wheel Pack, but the default wheels do not look good on it. For best results, use version or higher.

Download the zip file directly to My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod. There's no need to unpack it. Enable it in the in-game Mod Manager and enjoy!


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