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Pete 579 with 120 custom sleeper 1.36
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Pete 579 with 120 custom sleeper 1.36

The mod adds this additional cab to the Peterbilt 579. That's it! :shock:
I always considered "big bunks" to be the holy grail of trucking, and the highest point one can reach as a truck driver. At least in the OTR department, and despite their inherent flaws. (weight, length...)
So it comes as a shock to me, as to why after all these years, there still aren't any adequate big-bunk mods available.

I won't claim mine to be "adequate" either, since right now it's only a demo. But two things give my mod the edge; 1) it's available; 2) it works
of the mod is the interior, which is not done yet.

the white squares you see in there, will be switches & control panels.
other tasks will be;
- make an optional curtain on the sleeper entrance.
- option for closed or open blinds.
- some kind of interior lights.
- optional hidden exhaust pipe.


  • Overfloater
    2020-02-07 03:31
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  • Overfloater
    2020-02-07 03:34
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  • Antonio craig
    2020-02-07 12:22
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    Well... i guess the mod sites will continue development from now on
  • Trucker
    2020-02-07 20:17
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    mod works great, but there is no visiors and lights behind the cab doesn't work, I can't wait for next update
  • Mods82 will never learn...
    2020-02-07 22:49
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    This asshole alone is why modders have stopped releasing content. Support the original author not some hack who steals everything. Why do you people complain about mods that are posted here? 99% of them stolen from the mod author. Links are not original links but to the fatass Mods82. Are you that desperate for the 2 cents of advertising click money?
  • @mods82 will never learn
    2020-02-21 13:37
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    MODS 82 isnt the only one, SLAYER72 is anouther mod stealing waste of a life. There are others,but those 2 may be the same person. Until these mods sites do something about it, nothing going to happen. Only other thing is, players do what i have chosen to do, i do not download anything unless its from original mod author. Sad part is, there are those that think they just have to have it and download from these losers. If it says Guest, Mods82, SLAYER72 or anything not from mod author, i dont dow
  • @overfloater
    2020-02-21 13:39
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    Thank you for posting link to your forum thread were i can download it from the author.
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