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Peterbilt 281-351 mTG 2.0 1.6.x -
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Peterbilt 281-351 mTG 2.0 1.6.x -

- Fully autonomous
- Buying in the motor show Peterbilt
- 2 cab variants (with and without sleep)
- Original interior (with and without sleep)
- 8 variants of the chassis
- loads of "mannequins" for a tandem chassis
- total more than 100 elements of external adjustment
- 17 skins (full template for self-tightening the skin)
- 9 upholstery options
- 9 options for inserts on the dashboard and doors
- 12 upholstery options
- 7 variants of floor coverings
- 3 different steering systems
- 14 engines with sound binding
- 8 reducers
- Running inner chamber
- DLC support
- More choice of tuning
- There is a template for skins
List of changes in version 2.0

Added by:
- three dump trucks for the chassis "tandem".
- Various variations of bifurcations for bumpers and front wings.
- Various rear additional mudguards.
- Two variants of headlights (some with additional adjustment).
- two deflectors on the wings.
- Various options for the shape of the caps for wings and tanks.
- New logo on the grille and side panels.
- A new version of additional mirrors on the hood.
- chrome casting with lanterns on the cabs.
- Two new variants of the stage (tank with steps in color cabins and chrome plated).
- Three protection options and a tool box behind the cab.
- Bumper with the ability to suspend animated circuits.
- Salon with an animated figure of the skeleton.
- DLC in the cabin of the truck.
- Forest trailer with various cargoes.
- trailer trailer type 4 color options and various products.
- Resin with three trailers with different bodies and axles
- (3 axle trailer, average lifting axis).
- Update the registration and correct known errors.
- The second version of the track for work in the company.
- The steering wheel is enlarged, shifted down, control of turn signals.

P / S
1. Archive the "dashboard_color" to replace the color of the lighting devices. to
Replace the color file "Dashboard_color.sui" from the archive "dashboard_color"
For archiving "ETS_Peterbilt_281-351_mTG_2.0_Part1" On the road -
"Def / vehicle / truck / peter281 / interior" to the "interior" folder with
Option "no compression".

The authors of the mod mo3Del Truck Game (mTG):
- JAWA (Maxim Saprykin): 3D model.
- Stas556: Conversion to the game, animation.
- Kriechbaum: Sounds.
- Mikhail Iontsev: Registration of a pack of trailers.

  • Maestro
    2017-05-04 20:08
    Stunning job Vlad! Could you please make it available in ETS2?
  • ЛОЛ
    2017-05-04 20:25
  • индиа
    2017-05-04 20:54
    ЛОЛ иди на хуй кутак башь блять гей не доношенный петух блять я твою мам ебал шлюха петух ясно а теперь сасать мне шлюха моя конь блять гомик
  • Renenate12
    2017-05-05 00:24
    wow gorgeous , best ive seen in a long time ...
  • Renenate12
    2017-05-05 00:26
    also i dont see a dump truck chasis
  • Renenate12
    2017-05-05 01:12
    it will be nice if u could make it compatible with the t800 2008 .. awesome ...
  • Adam
    2018-01-28 06:40
    Is it possible to get the def file for the 8x6 chassis
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