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Peterbilt 357 Heavy Haul for ATS v3.2
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Peterbilt 357 Heavy Haul for ATS v3.2

Update/rework v3.2 includes:
- Added trailer cables (2 boxes- small, large and stock cables)
- Added Standard licence plates
- Added real Warning Flags
- Reworked Toolbox Rack (not going through the mudguard anymore)
- Fixed Beacon position on cabin
- Truck added in Quick Jobs (for Heavy Haul and Special Transport only) - look for "Sunny Yellow" 8 wheeler with "dark grill".

Reworked Peterbilt 357 Heavy Haul v3.2 for ATS 1.32-1.34.x.
– Standalone;
– 1 cabin;
– 6 chassis options;
– lot of engines;
– lot of transmissions;
– 2 interior options;
– have some tuning;
– Advanced hitch support

Original credits: Ivan, Jon, Hute, and Bora; guidot, LaiLaiHei, RTA, Viper2, bansheewoj, SCS, dwade; update/rework v.3.2 by vasja555

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