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Peterbilt 359 1.38
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Peterbilt 359 1.38

This is edit of RTA's 359 I am not taking any cridit for making the truck or the parts. the truck has sounds for 1.38 the truck does not have window animations yet, but the truck has a lot of customization. the truck is not yet compatible with 1.39. when 1.39 is realeased I will realese a v2.0 of the 359



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    2020-10-21 22:19
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    Скрины от другого мода. Класс
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    2020-10-21 23:42
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    This keeps crashing the game. Any special load order?
  • Name
    2020-10-22 03:19
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    Bruh why are you making an edit of a payware mod and posting it and when you did it why didn't you put a link to the rta website!!!.
  • Nameymynamey1
    2020-10-22 06:11
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    RTA mods are crap! and are definitely not worth their asking prices. Their trucks lack options!! Only reason to buy them is if you love a certain truck model(s) that they offer and want a very basic truck to play with.
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    2020-10-22 07:56
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    its not about the options or the customization its about the respect, he is taking a payware mod and putting it out there for free.
  • Sandking
    2020-10-22 18:40
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    Mods should always be free, as paid mods are actually illegal since the modder didnt make a contract with scs to ask them if he can develop paid stuff for their games and earn money with it.
  • Brownginh
    2020-10-22 21:38
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    No good. JUNK
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