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Peterbilt 377 [1.28]
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Peterbilt 377 [1.28]

– Three Cabs
– Various chassis
– Various engines and transmissions
– Own interior (two variants)
– Multiples colours and metallic colours
– Various accesories: mirrors, drivers plate, cabin lights, sun visor, grill, tanks, exhaust, wheels …
– Own sound

– Compatible with v.1.28
– Add various chassis
– Add and fix transmissions
– Fix animations interiors and interior seat
– Add multiples colours
– Add icons for all accesories
– Update and fix old models
– Fixed errors and bugs
– Clean log

(Update) ETS2Reload
(ATS) AMT Team
(Haulin) Ivan
(hardtruckisthebest) Chris
(formerly bay0net) Tim
(polarexpress17) Jon
(Cascadia) Mars812, James60470, Cedric

  • Ets2reload
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    I am the author of the Peterbilt 377 mod and the link of the mod is not the original, please change the link as soon as possible by the author's original which is this:http://sharemods.com/klhfmn25m8s1/Peterbilt_377.scs.htmlIn the link of the Sharemods mod you will see that who uploaded the mod is its author: ETS2ReloadThanks
  • @ets2reload
    2017-10-04 23:44 Send message
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    No one cares, just be happy that "your" mod is being uploaded, witch means "your" work is being used, also that link is a virus, do NOT download @ETS2RELOAD Post'ed link
  • @ets2reload
    2017-10-04 23:45 Send message
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    And i quote "your" because literally ANYONE can call a mod their own when really they want credit for someone else's work
  • Joe allen
    2017-10-11 23:22 Send message
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