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PETERBILT 378 v3.0 1.30.x
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PETERBILT 378 v3.0 1.30.x

V 3.0:
Changed dealer to Peterbilt!
Fixed chassis bounce.
Fixed Midlift axle.
Fixed engines icons.
Fixed wheels.
Added missing lights.
Deleted incomplete paintjobs.

SCS, Term99, SmellyCat

  • Diesel doug
    2018-01-23 08:31 Send message
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    Great mod. A couple of small problems but nothing that stops the game. Love it.Is there a paint template for this truck?
  • Path finder
    2018-01-25 01:09 Send message
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    this mod is not independent, when you load it uses another trucks template to create this one, can some one make a kenworth k200 with muffler lid, a create smoke mod the one only see the smoke when the engine start and when its driving if is not driving and engines off the smoke stops
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